What is FleetNurse

FleetNurse is a mobile software that connects healthcare professionals directly to healthcare facilities that need to staff shifts on short notice.


As a FleetNurse healthcare professional, you have access to open per diem shifts at local facilities in your area. You will receive shift notifications via the FleetNurse app. You have the power to accept or deny these shifts. All shifts are per diem, allowing you to keep your full-time or part-time jobs.


FleetNurse is meant to provide you with supplemental income on a schedule that works for you!

What are the benefits of working through FleetNurse?

You decide when you want to work! You can choose shifts that fit with your schedule and all shifts pay premium wages!

For any contract work, you get to decide which contracts to accept.

Plus, you will have 24/7 scheduling assistance with any questions, anytime.

Can I keep my current full-time or part-time job?

Yes! FleetNurse is not meant to be your main source of income. We provide you with per diem shifts to supplement your income. If you receive a shift notification on the FleetNurse app, you are not required to accept it. Pick up shifts that work with your schedule.


FleetNurse may have short-term placement work available.

Is there a minimum number of shifts or hours I have to work?

Nope! There are no minimum hours to work. You simply accept or decline the shifts that you want. You can work one shift a month or one shift every day.

What is the pay period?

The pay period runs from Sunday to Saturday with weekly direct deposits the following Wednesday.

How much is the hourly pay?

On average, the hourly wages are 1.5 to 2 X higher than the average hourly rate of your position in your city. It’s dependent on how soon the requesting facility needs the shift filled. Meaning wages will be higher at a 2-hour notice vs 48 hours notice.

Hourly pay rates are dependent on the facility and how quickly the shift needs to be filled. The sooner the shift needs to be filled, the higher the pay rate. Pay rates for available shifts will be visible once your FleetNurse account is approved.

What is a W-9 Form and why do I need it?

A W-9 form is the tax form used by all independent contractors. As a FleetNurse provider, you are considered an independent contractor. You will receive a 1099 tax form from FleetNurse by the end of January 31st from Quickbooks. This will be mailed to the physical address that you put on your W-9.

Are taxes taken out of my earnings?

No, taxes are not taken out of your earnings. All FleetNurses are 1099 contractors and are responsible for their own taxes.

How do I pick up shifts?

You will be notified of open shifts in your area via a notification on your FleetNurse app once you’ve completed the credentialing process. All shifts are FIRST COME FIRST SERVE. So if you see an open shift that you want to work, you will have to accept it before someone else in your area picks it up.

How can I cancel a shift on the app?

Go to the three dots in the top right-hand corner of the shift you have accepted and click the dots. The app will ask you if you are sure you want to cancel if you do please click ‘Yes’ to cancel.

REMEMBER: If you cancel your shift less than 12 hours before the start time that will result in a one-time warning, the second time it happens you will be blocked from the FleetNurse mobile app for 6 months.

Does FleetNurse cover my travel expenses?

No. We do not provide gas mileage or other traveling expenses because FleetNurse is not a travel staffing agency. All shifts are meant to be local to you, therefore not requiring you to travel very far distances.

Are there any nursing positions open for COVID-19 Crisis Response?

Yes! If you are in the Houston area and have critical care experience, you can apply to do a 13-week crisis response position at a hospital in the Texas Medical Center.

For other regions, please inquire for more information as it changes daily.

If you are interested and would like more details, please contact us at customer.support@fleetnurse.com.


How long is the credentialing process?

The credentialing process on average takes about two weeks. Most of it is done via mobile phone on the FleetNurse app. The quicker you upload your documents, the quicker the process can be completed.

How do I upload an item to the "My Documents" tab and what do I need to upload here?

To upload a document, tap the “+” sign in the top right corner and then select which document you wish to upload from the list.

How do I delete a document?

Swipe left on the uploaded file and tap on the red delete button.

What should I upload to "Healthcare Employment Verification" if I don't get traditional paycheck stubs?

If you do not receive a paystub from your employer, there are a couple of alternative options for you to submit.
1. An official letter from the HR department of your employer dated within 30 days stating that you are an employee. It is important for them to include your job title and dates of employment.
2. If you work for a company that uses a mobile app for reporting payments, you can provide screen shots showing the most recent dates that you have worked. The screen shot will need to include dates, your name and the company name.

I uploaded everything, why is my account still not approved?

1. Please check that you have uploaded all items within the My Documents and Requirements tabs and have acknowledged the policies. Your uploads will be reviewed within 24-48 hours.
2. If your Professional References are not yet approved, our Reference Department is working on verifying your references.
3. If all Documents and Requirements have been submitted and approved and you have acknowledged the policies, the final steps to complete are online skills assessments, a drug screen and a background check. You will be notified via email when those have been ordered for you.

How do I fill out/sign this document on my phone?

I uploaded everything, why isn’t my account approved yet? You can download the document to your phone and use either markup or gallery on your device to fill out the document.

Why has my document/requirement not been approved yet?

Please review any notes provided on sections marked as “Incomplete”. FleetNurse Customer Support Specialists typically review new uploads within 24-48 hours. If you feel that it is taking longer than usual for your uploaded items to be reviewed, please contact us at (541) 255-0018 or customer.support@fleetnurse.com.

Why am I not approved at the facilities I have selected?

You will be approved at facilities NEAR you once your account is in final review. If the facility has a required orientation, you will be approved to work at that facility after you complete orientation.

Do I have to pay for my drug screening and background check?

No. FleetNurse will cover those fees for you. We will only order these after you have uploaded all required documents and FleetNurse approves them.

Is there an in-person orientation for all the faciltiies?

Some facilities require in-person orientation. If they do require an orientation, these hours will be PAID.



What is FleetNurse

FleetNurse is a web-application that allows healthcare facilities to request quality, fully-vetted, and local healthcare professionals on short-notice for per diem shifts and short-term placements.

A manager can log into their FleetNurse portal and submit a shift request for an approved healthcare professional within 48 to 1.5 hours before a shift!

No more stressful last-minute phone calls, expensive travel nurses, or unsafe staffing levels. You now can tap into a pool of local per diem FleetNurse professionals who can view and accept shifts within minutes!





CRISIS RESPONSE: FleetNurse can offer services in times of need as a crisis response solution for short-term healthcare staffing. For more information on crisis response staffing, please email Corina at cpigg@fleetnurse.com.

What makes FleetNurse different than other staffing agencies?

FleetNurse is a non-traditional staffing agency that works with facilities that want to use minimal outside staff. We act as a reliable and affordable backup for staffing emergencies. Facilities can put in shift requests 48 to 1.5 hours before a shift starts. Other agencies typically require a minimum of a 24hr notice.

We also offer short-term placement staffing. If you need a healthcare professional for just 4-weeks, we can help!

FleetNurse also provides only quality staff. All approved healthcare professionals have been credentialed following the Joint Commission standards of healthcare staffing. They are also on-boarded to meet your facility’s specific requirements. FleetNurse will work closely with your facility to tailor the credentialing process to ensure your standards are being met.

FleetNurse has no hidden fees. The only costs to your facilities are for the hours of work our healthcare professionals provide.

Is there a contract fee?

There is NO contract fee and NO admin fees. You simply pay as you go!

What are the rates?

You only pay for hours a FleetNurse professional works!

No admin fees, no additional costs.

The rates vary on what your cities average hourly wages are, the staff type you are requesting, and the shift request time. Meaning there will be different rates for a Registered Nurse in Texas who is needed in 2 hours VS a CNA in Oregon who is needed in 48 hours.

For a pricing quote for your facility, please email Corina at cpigg@fleetnurse.com or request a meeting.

How do you credential the providers?

We credential all of the healthcare professionals following strict standards for Healthcare Staffing Services. We will also tailor the credentialing process to meet your facility’s requirements.

If you require an orientation, we can ensure that our FleetNurse professionals complete your orientation before accepting shifts from your facility.

How can I be sure that a PRN worker can safely perform the job duties at my facility?

FleetNurse TAILORS to your facility! We want to ensure that the staff working your shifts meet YOUR standards, not just ours. We follow an extensive credentialing process to ensure the quality of all our approved providers. Our credentialing policies follow the Joint Commission Standards for Healthcare Staffing Services, which you can see here. Not only do the workers have to meet these standards, but they will also have to meet YOUR requirements. We will work with you to orient our approved providers to your policies and requirements and also arrange any applicable orientation/onboarding to your facility.

How soon can I request someone?

For most locations, you can request a healthcare professional up to 1.5 hours BEFORE the shift starts!

Does my facility have to download any software?

Nope! Your facility can access the FleetNurse portal through the web. There is no download requirements. As long as you have access to the internet, you can access FleetNurse.

How do we keep track of the hours my facility uses?

FleetNurse offers a technology that enables your staff to check-in and out our FleetNurse professionals via a QR code! Once a nurse shows up for their shift, they can check-in by scanning their phone to a unique QR code provided on the FleetNurse portal. Tracking hours have never been easier or more secured!

How can my facility get started?

Email our Director of Sales, Corina Pigg, at cpigg@fleetnurse.com

Or request a meeting online.

Looking forward to connecting!

Does FleetNurse provide Crisis Response Nurse staffing?

We can provide crisis response healthcare staffing. If your facility or company needs nurses or other healthcare professionals during this state of emergency, we can offer you our services.

Please email cpigg@fleetnurse.com for more information.

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